Share your research at HSU ideaFest

Presenters at ideaFest

Do you have a ground-breaking research project that the campus should know about? Do you want to impress your peers? Submit a proposal for HSU ideaFest, an all-day showcase of student, faculty, and staff research at Humboldt State University.

To submit a proposal, visit the ideaFest website. You can submit as an individual or with a group. The deadline to submit is Monday, March 26.

This annual event brings the campus together for a celebration. Join us on Thursday, April 19 with a reception and presentations from 3pm to 5pm. In addition to this celebration of research and creativity at HSU students can submit their poster to Humboldt Digital Scholar and propose a paper for inclusion in ideaFest: Interdisciplinary Journal of Creative Works and Research from Humboldt State.