Computers and Printers

Good evening, I would highly appreciate it if your staff did not turn off all the computers and printers before the library closes. My printer ran out of ink tonight so I ran on to campus to print some papers and the library was still open for 15 minutes when I got there and everything was already turned off. I understand the students that work there probably want to get home as soon as they can because I too work a job with late nights, but they choose to work there and serve other students so they should keep at least a few computers on until 11:45pm and at least 1 printer seeing as the library doesn’t close till 11:45pm. I’ve noticed a lot of departments at this school have student workers with really bad customer service and maybe these workers should realize they wouldn’t have a job with out other students to serve. I hope you take this into consideration, seeing as since I have transferred here I frequently utilize the library and services it offers. Thank You

We apologize for the fact that you were not able to gain access to a printer recently. The schedules for the equipment in the Library computer labs (rooms L121, L122, and L310) are managed by the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) division. Current ITS policy is to shut down lab computers and printers approximately 30 minutes before the Library closes. If you wish to have more information on that policy, please contact Laurie Takao, who oversees the operation of campus labs for ITS. She can be reached by email at laurie, or by phone at 826-4207. Having said that, I wanted to let you know that you can always use one of the computers that are in the common areas of the Library (that is, not in one of the computer labs). Those machines are never shut down during open hours and print jobs can continue to be sent to the public printer located outside of the computer lab in L121 until closing time. When you want to send a job to that printer, simply select the device identified as “LibraryP4P” from the list of available printers. Print jobs sent to that machine do cost a few cents more at $.07/page, since that printer is not part of the ITS printer network. But, the upside is that this printer will remain available during all hours the Library is open, since it is not subject to the nightly ITS shut down policy. Let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions. Posted in: