Want Quiet Now!

I’ve listened to the library management do nothing but MAKE EXCUSES for the past 3 years about why they can’t do anything FIRM about creating and maintaining a quite place to study! Where did the library go?! Where is the study environment I’m paying for?! The administration needs to implement a cultural shift beginning with the incoming freshmen and tell them “NO, it’s not ok to talk in the quite areas, talk on your phone. No, library staff shouldn’t be talking on their phones or talking to friends in quite areas while they put away books“. Put up signs in the stairwell of the 3rd floor declaring “talking is no longer permitted on the 3rd floor” and redirect people to the 1st and second floors”. Give us students a chance to successfully study. Less excuses, less complacency, and MORE ACTION PLEASE !!!! Most people aren’t capable of making the right decisions. I just asked 2 individuals at the round table as their eating food and talking aloud in a distracting manner, why must they sit in the quite section? Their first reply was that they liked the scenery. Then they said they didn’t know they couldn’t sit there and talk, that their was any indication to the contrary. HELLO? LIBRARY MANAGEMENT? PEOPLE NEED NEW SIGNS TO GET THEIR ATTENTION PLEASE! (reading other comments from students, looks like its time to do more than “acknowledge a problem exists”!) Indeed, Ignorance is bliss at Humboldt State Library. Signed, ~ Still waiting for action 3 YEARS LATER

I appreciate you taking the time to voice your frustration and share your suggestions. We are keenly aware of the problems with noise in the Library and have been considering the options for addressing that concern on an ongoing basis. Contributing to the noise level are the increase in the number of students using the Library and the incursion of portable technology into our lives. Even so, we continue to maintain quiet study areas around the perimeter of the main book stacks on the second and third floors, and in the Helen Everett Reading Room on the second floor. We do ask our users to help us enforce the quiet study policy, but Library personnel will readily step in when issues are brought to our attention. In that spirit, I will ask the shelving supervisor to remind her student assistants that they are not to use their cell phones or talk with friends while working adjacent to a quiet zone. In addition to the areas already mentioned, we have seven rooms available in the Library that can be reserved for up to two hours per day for individual or group study using our new online reservation system: This summer we will be converting the former Copy Center (room 205) into a quiet reading room with no groups, talking, food, drink, or disruptive technology allowed. We will also take this opportunity to review our signage and see if we can update it to make our policies more explicit. So, while it may not be practical to designate an entire floor as a quiet area, we are providing alternatives and exploring options that will ensure that there will continue to be places in the Library that are conducive to study and reflection. If you would like our assistance in locating a suitable place for your studies, please stop by the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk on the first floor. Posted in: