Socializing and Noise in the Library

Hello, As I sit here trying to write my first essay of the semester I am finding that it is rather difficult. It’s not that I don’t know what to write about or where to find materials, it’s simply that it is too active. Every floor that I try to study on is buzzing with social life. I know that I am not the only student slightly “peeved” about the lack of silence in the library (isn’t that what we were taught as children anyway? silence in libraries? that’s a nationwide fact, I thought). My suggestion is that there be one floor (probably the 3rd) that is quiet throughout the day. This way there are two whole floors for students to do work AND socialize, and the rest of us who wish to do our assignments in complete silence and concentration can do so, as well. I don’t think that it’s too much to ask, nor that it will be hard to establish. In the mean time I’ll just put my headphones in and drown out the chatter with classical music as best I can. Thank you for your time. Peace (and quiet), Taylor

We are sorry that you have not been able to find a quiet space to study in the Library, but we do have a couple of options to suggest. First off, we need to acknowledge that the Library is indeed a busy place these days — last year more than 667,000 people used our facility! Add to that mix cell phones, laptops, personal listening devices, and a growing emphasis upon study groups, and you have a recipe for noise pollution. That being said, we do have designated quiet zones on the second and third floors, as well as enclosed study rooms on all three floors, which should provide a respite from the hubbub. Please consult the Library Map, or a member of the Library staff, for assistance locating one of those spaces. While it may be impractical to designate an entire floor for quiet study, as you have suggested, we are currently exploring the possibility of creating additional quiet areas, e.g., a study room that would be devoted strictly to individual quiet study (i.e., no talking, no electronic devices, etc.). Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. Posted in: