LP Collection

I and many of my friends were very concern to hear that the HSU library was removing all their records from the system. We don’t agree with this choice. We love renting these records from the library many of which are not found on CD. We can’t believe this library is doing this and we want to officially complain. We would also like to know what reason is behind this action. Thank you, and we hope to continue seeing records at the HSU library.

Thank you for sharing your concern about the Library's withdrawing of our LP collection. I am glad to know that you and your friends have been borrowing (not "renting" we don't charge for the loan of our materials) from the collection although I am surprised, too, to hear this. The LP withdrawal project has been going on for several years, and the main reason is that there is virtually no circulation of these items. There are other reasons; for example, nearly all of the LPs are in bad condition (badly scratched, warped, even cracked), the LP format is not good for a circulating collection, the curriculum has changed and many of the recordings are no longer relevant to what is taught at HSU (the library's mission is to support the curriculum, unlike a public library, where the mission is to support the interests of the community). Whether or not the LPs are available in CD format is not the issue. What matters is whether or not the LPs are needed to support coursework. If they were, presumably they would be circulating. We have not added to our LP collection by purchase or donation for nearly 20 years. Despite your objection, we will continue to withdraw our remaining LPs. I encourage you to find items of interest at the library's used bookshop and purchase them, at nominal prices, for your continued enjoyment. Posted in: