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Article Databases categorized by major study area.

Atlas & Map Collection

A guide to the geospatial resources available in Atlas and Map Collection and in other collections in the Library, along with guidance in how to best search for geospatial resources in these collections.

Audio, Video & DVD Collections

Information about the HSU Library audio, video and DVD collections and instructions on how to locate them in the HSU Library catalog and in the Library.

Children's Literature Collection

The Children's Literature Collection is a select representative collection of fiction and nonfiction children's and young adult literature which is maintained to support the HSU academic curricula.

Citation Linker

Have a citation? Go directly to the article! This tool provides links to the full text of journal articles when the library patron has the full citation for the desired article

Course Reserves

The Fall 2020 Reserves Collection includes eBooks and accessible scans of textbook chapters (produced by the Accessibility Resource Center). The ARC can typically scan 10-15% of a textbook within seven business days. ARC textbook chapter scans will be uploaded to Canvas course modules, upon instructor request.

HSU Authors Hall

The HSU Authors Hall is a growing collection of books, CDs, and DVDs of scholarship and creative works from HSU faculty, emeriti faculty, staff, students, and alumni authors.  The HSU Library is also launching SelectedWorks, a service that allows faculty and staff authors to showcase their articles, books, papers, and presentations.

Humboldt Digital Scholar

Humboldt Digital Scholar (HDS) is a digital archive that collects and provides persistent and reliable access to the research and scholarship of faculty, staff, and students of Humboldt State.

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Journal and Newspaper Finder

Microform Collections & Services

Historic newspapers and journals available in microform. For help see Periodical Assistance Window.

Periodicals, Serials, & Newspaper Collections & Services

Journals, magazines and newspapers available from the HSU Library.

Special Collections

Print and online resources on Humboldt County, northwestern California and Humboldt State University.