Quiet Study Areas
Hi there, I have a concern with the Quiet Study Areas in the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Library. I have used the Quiet Study Areas for three years now to fulfill my need for a quiet space to do my studying. This semester, though, the areas seem to be inundated with patrons sporting the laptop computer devices. When I am trying to read or write in the Quiet Study Areas, I find the incessant clicking and typing of computers nearby to be quite distracting to my studying. I realize that patrons are expected to police noisy activity in these areas ourselves, and I do feel comfortable if someone is playing music to ask them to turn off their music. However, I do not feel as comfortable asking people to stop using their computers, or move to an area of the Library where noisy study is permitted (eg. most everywhere else in the Library but the Quiet Study Areas). I have asked a couple of people using computers to move to another location, but it feels awkward to ask one or two to move if perhaps five or six are all using computers in the areas. I am hoping for clarification of the Quiet Study Areas, and some real help for my dilemma. Thank you and sincerely, Lance

Thank you for your suggestion. What you have brought up shows that the Library as a public place has users with vastly different study habits. We certainly share your concerns but please allow some time for us to think about how to deal with the laptop generated “noises” – do we need to create an area where there should be absolutely no sound allowed I wonder? Or is it even possible? In the meantime if you feel shy about asking people to be quiet, please ask our librarians or staff at the reference or circulation desks to help you convey the request.

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